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Dental laser treatment is a modern and minimally invasive technique used in a variety of dental procedures. Dental lasers use a highly focused beam of light to remove or reshape soft and hard tissues in the mouth, such as gum tissue or tooth enamel. The laser is precise, and the heat it generates can help disinfect the area being treated, reducing the risk of infection.

One of the primary uses of dental lasers is in gum disease treatment. They can remove infected tissue and promote healing in the gums. They can also be used to reshape gum tissue, removing excess gum and improving the appearance of the smile. Laser treatment can also be used in place of traditional drills to remove tooth decay or prepare a tooth for a filling.

Dental laser treatment is often less painful than traditional methods, and it can reduce bleeding and swelling during and after the procedure. Recovery time is also typically shorter, and the procedure can often be completed in a single visit. While dental laser treatment is safe and effective, not all dental practices offer it, and it may not be suitable for all patients.